Honoring our seniors

High school seniors, we want to celebrate with you! There is some information we need from you in order to serve you well. (Note: If you are looking for how to be involved in honoring our seniors, please skip ahead to the next section of this page.)

In order to honor our seniors well there are two things we need from you.

1. A picture. If you have been unable to take a senior picture yet this year, then we will take anything close to one you can get that you don’t mind us using to represent you.


2. We are asking each of our seniors to make an Amazon wish list of small items. These items can range from favorite candy or hobbies, to the small necessities you will need as you prepare for your next phase of life as a high school graduate. We are asking to keep items in a $10-20 range. Or if you just can’t think of any small necessity or gift items and are only needing a big item, such as a computer, printer, etc., you can put an Amazon gift card on your list and reference what you are saving up for. 

Adopt a senior

During this season of social isolation we want to make sure we are doing all we can to honor our high school seniors as they prepare to transition into this new season. One way we are aiming to do that is through asking our congregation to consider adopting a senior. Here is what your commitment would entail:

1. Commit to praying for your senior this summer
as they prepare for this new transition in life.

2. Be intentional in writing them letters of encouragement during the summer
along with any words of wisdom you might have during this time in their life.

3. Provide them with care items and basic necessities
for their journey through their Amazon Wishlist.

We are hoping for each senior to be adopted by three families during the summer. If you wish to adopt a senior, please email Fletcher at fletcher@gccfred.org. Fletcher will provide you with the necessary contact information for your senior as well as their Amazon Wishlist. You are allowed to request to adopt a specific senior, but please be aware that if all slots for that senior are filled, we may need to request for your to select another senior.