2018-2019 Theme: I AM

This year's theme is "I AM" and we'll be establishing who God is and how knowing Him effects how we see ourselves. Join us as we dive deeper into the character of God and who we are in light of who He is.

PAST Themes

Each school year we have a theme that helps unite our topics into a meaningful and memorable focus. The theme for this 2017-2018 school year is "Faithful". 

Our themes for previous years:

2017-2018 - Faithful

2016-2017 - Light

2015-2016 - Holy

2014-2015 - Relentless

2013-2014 - The Life of Christ

2012-2013 - Prayer

2011-2012 - Foundations of the Faith

2010-2011 - The Year of the Lord's Favor

2009-2010 - Getting into the Word

2008-2009 - Sharing Your Faith

2007-2008 - Obedience

2006-2007 - It's Not About You

2005-2006 - Listening to God

2004-2005 - Unity

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